April 21, 2006  
B&R Broadband expands to Kersey, East Greeley, Galeton, and Briggsdale. 

High Speed Internet service is now available in Gill, Kersey, East Greeley, Galeton, and Briggsdale.  Service is provided via a secure wireless network bypassing slow phone lines and digital subscriber services. 

April 10, 2006
B&R Broadband announces high speed internet service availability in Gill Colorado.

B&R Broadband is pleased to announce immediate availability of high speed inter service in Gill Colorado.  Both residential and business service offerings allow plans tailored to your needs.


 Computer Related Services:
  • Virus removal
  • Network and computer consulting
  • Custom designed servers for small to large businesses
  • Computer Service and repair: B&R Computer Services
  • We sell all brands of equipment: Laptops, desktops, servers, printers, projectors, monitors, peripherals, etc.


Network Services:
  • MESH Network Technology for City wide WI-FI internet access.  Help your city residents improve their way of life.
  • Private data Backhaul service across our network between two locations.
  • HOTSPOTS installed in your business location for your customer use. 
  • Point to Point Links from T1 to multi-megabit capacities.
  • VoIP PBX replacement systems.  Let us replace your old analog phone system with a state of the art Voice over IP phone system.

Video Surveillance Services:
  • Wireless and wired Network based Video cameras for Government, business, or home video surveillance and security.



Control Systems:
  • Business Automation services utilizing Crestron Control System Hardware and Software
  • Automate your conference room video displays, video sources (DVD/VHS) computers, multipoint video servers, and more using advance two-way touch panels for easy one touch user control.   Get rid of all of your remote controls and use a single, intuitive touch panel for automated control of your equipment.
  • Add whole house audio and video with touch panel control
  • Add central multi-source audio to your home or business:  Hard drive based music servers, IPOD interfaces, etc.
  • Integrate your home Audio, Video, Security, and other systems using a single control system with Easy Touch panel control (wall mount, desktop, or handheld with wired or wireless access).
  • Add central control for any IR, Serial, or network controlled device.

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